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From the moment you step into our spa, you will start to relax and feel peace. We offer a diverse selection of healing and beautifying treatments for your unique face and body. Let us exceed your expectations and help you look and feel more radiant today.
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Is your Back in Need of Some TLC?

Does your back skin need some TLC? I’m not talking specifically about a massage. Although those are awesome and I highly recommend them anytime you get a chance. Often the skin on our back gets neglected. We get in and out of the shower every day. Our back gets... read more

Too much sun???

Have you accidentally gotten a little too much sun? It happens. Even those of us who are quite diligent about applying sunscreen can miss a spot, go too long without reapplying or overlook the expiration date on the bottle (best to start fresh with a new bottle every... read more

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe!

Happy Summer Valued Clients & Friends! Is your body starting to feel a bit like a lizard that’s about to shed it’s dried up skin?  Is your skin not really absorbing the body lotion you apply after showering? If you answered, yes to either one of these... read more

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